Quick Tips for Using LeNS

Logging In

Go to https://lens.lhsc.on.ca/ and log in using supplied username and password. Remember that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

To change your password once you have logged in, click the Change Password link on the main LeNS page and follow the online instructions.

LeNS will automatically log you out after a period of one hour of inactivity.

To have another physician log in, select Log out, then Log in again.


View Reports

Click on Patient Activity Report to view cumulative activity for that date. The reports are generated every morning at 4 a.m. for activity between midnight to midnight the previous day.

Print Chart Copy

Click on attachment at the bottom of the report to view and print the information, sorted by patient. Or, from the Inbox, click on the Adobe icon.


Select the checkbox to the left of the activity report, and click the Delete button. Trash will be automatically deleted in 7 days if not manually deleted from Trash. Activity reports will be kept online for 6 weeks and will then be auto deleted if not already deleted by physician.


Change Preferences (email address)

From Inbox, click the Preferences link.

Select the checkbox "Send email notifications?"

Fill in the "Email address, for notifications:" box with the address you wish the notifications to be sent to. Only 1 e-mail address per physician will be notified.

Select Apply Changes.

LeNS will attempt to send notification e-mails for up to 5 days. If not successful within that time period, no further attempts will be made. Activity report data will still be available on LeNS. There will be no one monitoring e-mails that are not being successfully delivered.

If you need to contact LHSC about technical support assistance for LeNS, please email LHSC's helpdesk at helpdesk@lhsc.on.ca.

Please remember that any information you access is confidential. Do not copy and forward on or otherwise distribute this information from your computer, as it will be sent, unencrypted, over the Internet.